This year we are creating more fun ways to get social at Sonder. Whether it’s discussion, competition or learning we’ve got the event for you.


The Sonder Games Ladder is a flexible way to join in a competition. Challenge someone above on the ladder. Agree your choice of game and a convenient time. Take their place if you win! (rules apply, available on the Facebook Group you’ll receive an invite to.)

Prizes given to those at the top of the ladder each month.

Current games available –
Chess, Draughts, Dominoes, Jenga, Pass The Pigs and Connect 4!

More to come!!

Sign up below

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Interested in joining our monthly book club? Dates and more info to follow.

Sign up below.

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Our beer club launches in March. Reserve your space by signing up below. Membership is by a £15 per month or £160 per year subscription. Which includes gifts! You will be contacted before setting up the subscription. More than 12 different beers will be available for tasting and snacks are provided.

Your space is safe as long as the subscription is active. If you cannot attend a particular month the value will be credited to your loyalty account.

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